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Fairies and house mouse


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I am not sure if you know this about me, I have been clear about my love and addiction to coffee, it is not a secret. Also, not a secret, is my love of fairies. It's obvious when you visit my home because I have them all over the place, bookshelves in the front room loaded with them. Most of the fairies I have were gifts from my kids and husband or close friends. Not all of them are the style I love the best, but the love when it was gifted to me is what I retain when I look at them and they grant me great joy.

House Mouse designs is a Rubber stamp collection and I am not into cutesy things like teddy bears and cute characters made out of furry critters or anything like that... but these little mice doing cute things just kill me. The company makes all kinds of stuff with the images on them, but I love the rubber stamps and then I create my own art with them... So, I guess you would say I collect the stamps because I will swoop in and buy them whenever I see them in a craft store or online someplace. The mice all have names and are different ages and characters, babies and mommas and the situations they are depicted in are fantastic. I especially love it when they found the coffee beans and got jazzed up on caffeine... Naturally I loved that one! I even receive "daily squeaks" from the company where they send me a different cute picture every day in my email...maybe sounds silly but is smiling a bad thing? I don't think it is, and the email makes me smile every day.

So, now I have a friend who has been slowly retiring and moving out of state, she too collects fairies. I haven't seen her for a while because she has been back and forth between states but we were supposed to get together before she heads back out again, we just haven't yet. Her office suite for her practice was filled with them; big, huge, beautiful fairies and I always ogled them when I was there and told her how jealous I was of her gorgeous collection. She would smile and tell me how many she had at home as well. This morning as I inhaled that wonderous smell of freshly brewed bean juice I was scanning social media and came across her post about wanting to get rid of all of these fairies... I almost wet myself and spit out coffee... My body was overwhelmed with reactions ... I had to choose which one to do... you know I would never waist good coffee by spitting it aimlessly into the air...

I replied to her post... with eagerness and frantic anticipation... and some amount of shivering, when you are wet it feels rather chilly early in the earliest parts of the morning.

I told her how very interested I was. I wanted any and all of her stuff... If I had to buy the whole lot I certainly would! She knows me very well and is completely aware of my fairy realm addiction, why would she taunt me so... I guess it is one way of getting us together.

I do love my friends. I need to start collecting more of them.

You can contact Alice at [email protected]


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