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First Day of College


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Today I am thankful. Not because we are heading into pumpkin spice flavored everything, but because someone has been reading my column. I know they have because a beautiful little book was sent to me about fairies and it is terribly sweet and I love it. I was so happy to receive it and I do so want to say thank you!

The next question you may have is, have I read this book. The answer would be no, not yet. My intentions are to enjoy a cup of coffee whilst I sit leisurely about and read it. We haven't had much leisure time as of late... mostly for good reasons. For months my daughter and I have been trying to find out how to register her and pay for classes as well as find out what classes she needed to attend for college. We started this in April and met with several people both in person and through facetime and emails. None of these conversations proved prudent in any way shape or form. I finally called and turned off my sweet attitude and became a bit more assertive... This is not my nature and it was uncomfortable but I'll be darned, this woman was so kind and so helpful I didn't have to get pushy or nasty, she just helped me and told me what to do and to have my daughter call her and she gave me the number to her direct line. When my daughter called her back, they got things sorted out and we had an appointment with admissions on Friday, someplace we had not been.

The very nice young man there gave us all the info about her desired field and how best to explore and still leave her choices open and transferable to university later. Such a nice fella! He walked us over to the other desks and stood in line with us to make appointments for financial aid applications and some other things. We went to the student store and were overwhelmed; it was packed and void of a lot of the material for a lot of classes and there was a lot of scrambling about. We thought we would order her books online and came home after we went school supply shopping.

So today is Monday (The Monday after the Friday we registered for classes, didn't cut it short, did we?) as I write this, in the dark quiet of the morning. The house will soon be alive with energy, today is the first day of college for my daughter... a whole new glorious chapter in her life. Covid can take a flying leap! Classes are in session and in person, this is a good thing! As a graduate of 2020 it has been such a hard transition, for so many others as well, and I am so glad she is able to finally get her life going!

As she heads to school today, she will be driving my husband to the car dealership where they claim that after a year, they have his car ready. As a consolation for having had it that long, they washed it... They were so proud to inform my husband. I wrote that with no sarcasm at all... I will see if he makes it home this time but I am trying to think that we are on a forward moving train and I have to look for the positive to maintain the gratefulness.

My daughter is officially a college student, yay! I will have some quiet times ahead to sit and read about fairies...Life is getting sweeter!

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