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This week's precious feature is Kody, a tan German Shepherd mix. He's about 3 years old, and LOVES kids. He needs lots of exercise, including someone to play fetch with. He'd love to be with a family with home-schooled kids, for instance (more chances, possibly, of their being able to say, 'but the dog ate my homework' – but, importantly, less chance of getting away with it)! He'd also do great with someone who works from home, because he gets scared when left alone. He is eager to please, and has lots of love to give. Though people change pet names all the time, here's something on the name Kody: It means "helpful," and carries many friendly and pleasant connotations. While this meaning may not need much explanation, you might have not known that Kody or Cody is also an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name O'Cuidighthigh. Uhhh, thank heavens for the version.


My vets always called Camus, my kitty (after the French philosopher/writer, Albert Camus), KAYmus. Finally, I put a pronunciation in the file: KaMOO. We'd get reminders in the mail: Dear Camus (Ka-MOO)... (Really, people? If he can read, surely he can pronounce his own name!) I always worry that someone will find a lost dog, grab him/her temporarily, read the tag name. and then the dog won't come because the person mispronounces it. I know; it sounds silly. I'm all about silly. Still, I was not happy that there was no accent for Andre back in 2011, so I spelled it phonetically: Ondray. I have a story about naming the new pup I've just recently gotten (the Humane Society finally had a small one, but not toy-sized: perfect); AARF generally gets medium-large to large) – but I'll save it for another time. As a writer, I love names (and words in general), and somehow renaming animals makes them my own (as much as we should ever say we own a living being). But something even more important evinced this time (reminder to self if I remember to read the article when article gets published).

AARF holds adoption fairs at Petsmart on Powers on SUNDAYS (formerly Saturdays) 11-2: 2965 N New Center Pt., Colorado Springs, CO 80922. PLEASE CHECK the website/Facebook for any updates (such as inclement weather. Sometimes the fair is right here in Fountain at Tumbleweed Kennels). More info: Julie at 719-375-1200 or Cathy at 719-761-5320. Email: [email protected] or [email protected]



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