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Tumbleweed Recovery


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I have to tell you, just between you and me... The coffee I am drinking is so stinking good! It isn't new and I have done nothing different to it to make it taste any different... But some days you just need it more or the air temperature combined with the humidity in the atmosphere makes for the most optimum coffee drinking or some such thing. Add science to it and it sounds better than to say I am addicted to coffee and without it I am a blobfish laying on the ocean floor.

After the weekend I just had, it is no surprise that my coffee is hitting me good today. I am still sore. You might be wondering, "Why Alice, why are you in pain?" Well, thanks for asking. As I told you we had a fun and rather large event out here in Ellicott and it was a huge success despite the pounding winds, ...well, they seemed pounding to me.

My daughter and I shared a spot in the vendor portion of the Tumbleweed Festival, but also being on the Ellicott Bee Hive we wanted to be able to take turns doing things for our group as well. Neither of us really left the canopy that we bought and set up, though. Our friend was next to us selling her art and did not have a tent/canopy but the winds kept trying to lift ours and gift it to her. So, we did not sit down, we held the top of the canopy from blowing over. I was ingenious, or so I thought, and bought these weights that strap to the legs of the canopy to hold it down... Well, that's great if your legs aren't in sections and do not lock together... Three of us held the top of that thing and tried to talk to folks and answer questions. We also became the lost and found tent as people would find things and turn them in to us; I guess we looked trustworthy or something. It was a great Saturday; the wind was a bit tough to handle with a tent top and we were the front spot in the wind's way, so we took the brunt of it channeling past the building.

We saw a lot of faces we knew, including my sweet 2-year-old granddaughter (she and I got our faces painted together) with her parents that live out here and a whole lot of folks we didn't know. Truly a fantastic event. We had two jumpy houses, pony rides, raffles, silent auctions and handler-led petting goats from Wishing Star Farms, as well as a fun car show to go along with our vendors all lined up. As promised, I hit the coffee vendor four times, not just for coffee - they had Italian sodas too, and that line remained constant throughout the day. There was even a real horseshoe tournament and some cornhole games played. It was a blast. Can't wait until next year to do it again, but my body is still aching from fighting the wind while holding a sail, essentially. I managed to get sun and wind burned. Did you know that holding a canopy in place works all the muscles in your back ribs and arms? Yeah, me neither!

On Sunday morning my son, his wife, and my beautiful 8-month-old granddaughter came for breakfast while they are on a real quick trip to Colorado for a wedding, I had to suck it up and push the pain away and make breakfast and I had a grandbaby to hold and squeeze! After they left, though, I napped for two hours! Still in pain this morning, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hot coffee in my cup... I will keep on keeping on! Until next year's Tumbleweed Festival!

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