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Roll Up: Not your typical food truck


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Oh My Word!! If you are a regular reader of my column, you know that I don't usually do reviews of restaurants or businesses, just not my style.... Until now.

My daughter and I had an appointment with the financial advisers at her college and found ourselves hungry afterwards, so we began thinking of places to go. Well, we thought of places along Hwy. 85/87 because it was close to where we were... My daughter pops up about this food truck. We had tried to go one other time, but the place was jammed packed and there was no parking. (Much to my relief.) This time, however, it was mid-morning, after breakfast and before lunch rushes; there was room for us.

Let me also say here, that in my day a food truck was NOT the "in" place to go. We called them Roach Coaches or Salmonella Vans and it was not ever in my mind as a place I would ever want to go have a great meal with my daughter. Typically, they were parked near a construction site and big burly tough dudes would be the only ones brave enough or with a strong enough gut to handle the variety of ailments that one could shop for in a food truck. I had visions of my napkins and floppy paper plates flying away in the wind - let us not forget how much hairspray I use, and I do not relish having a good hair day ruined by some wind. So the scene is not one of comfort to me, especially the toilet adventures afterwards.... But here we were.

She raved on about how great they look on social media and how everyone loves them. I was standing at the front door of what used to be a gas station, now artfully painted with the name of the place as if it was graffiti, very clever. The food truck is sitting behind the station.

Inside is overwhelming with options. I paused a moment, read the menu and saw a breakfast food with a level of familiarity to me. I perused the beverages that were not of the coffee variety - I have to say, some really amazing choices of juice type blends. Walked up to the counter where a friendly face took mine and my daughter's order and asked "was there anything else?" To which I responded, "What would you recommend?" She pointed to these egg roll things and they had red velvet cheesecake filling. So, I added them to the order. We found some chairs and a table and looked around, casually of course, did not want to look uncool! We saw a man come in the back door with a bag, he says my name and walks over and places it on our table; they are cooking in the food truck and serving it up inside the old station -so unique!

Our food is in Styrofoam containers and we are snapping pictures of everything to be cool and share on social media. I had breakfast tots; this meal is not for the nibbler, be hungry. My daughter ordered the same thing, and we had it smothered, hers in green chili and mine in half green chili and gravy. The chili had a nice punch to it and I was grateful I could eat from the gravy side if it got too warm in my mouth. The bacon on it was thick and crispy, like it had been deep fried and there was so much of it, there was no skimping. The first bite made me say words I cannot share in this column, if you know what I mean. It was so stinking amazing and I am embarrassed that I never tried it before due to my dumb old lady ideas.

Oh yeah, and the cheese cake rolls? Woah Mamma, those things are a heart attack waiting to happen. You get three of them in an order. My daughter and I shared one roll and melted into our chairs. We could not finish our meal but we HAD to try the rolls; I would have eaten more if not for the full belly.

The juice blends were so perfect; mine was a coconut strawberry lemonade, and I think my daughter's was a blueberry mint lemonade. If you haven't been to this place, why not? Folks, it is pretty darn amazing. Maybe not the place you want to go lunching with the ladies, no dainty anything here, but if you want to enjoy packing it in, this is the place for you. Just "Roll Up" in there and chow down on really great food. It's not for the faint of heart!

And for those of you wondering... We did not get sick or feel any abdominal discomfort, other than fullness and gluttony.

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