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A lesson from the tree


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As I sit here and suck down my coffee like a true addict would, in the wee hours of the morning... all alone, I am pondering the gloriousness of the tree.

The tree is a wonderful creation, maybe the finest of all... At least in my frame of mind right now. She starts out like so many of us do, spindly and floppy but eventually she puts down her roots and builds a strong trunk so as to support all of her branches and an array of tender leaves. Isn't that how we are? When we are born, we can't hold up our head, it flops about like it's a fish washed to shore. Imagine a newborn Centaur... head, shoulders, and arms of a human but the body and legs of a horse... A horse gallops in a few days... This just screams shaken baby syndrome to me... Maybe that's why we don't have them anymore.

The tree builds herself up so strong and is so gracious and beautiful, we often forget what her strength is. I mean, you can crash into a tree with a car and she still stands firm; you might not, but she will remain. She will heal up her bark and continue to thrive and outlive us all. Amazingly strong. Why aren't we this strong?

This glorious tree throws her energy into growing leaves every single spring to grace us with shade and cool the breezes during the summer She thinks nothing of what she is doing because she is so strong and can spare that energy to put into her plumage and make her seeds. She drinks up the spring and summer rains and thrives. I'm jealous, I just get worn out and have to go pee at my age.

When autumn brings cooler days and less sunlight, the tree needs to remain strong so she adorns her leaves in marvelous colors, maybe so she can watch them as she casts them off into the wind, along with her seeds, so they can shelter and insulate other ground-bound plants; she is so gracious.

During the bitterest of winters, she stays strong because she allows the small stuff to fly away so she can throw her energy into her roots and continue to build a strong base. What a wonderful thing to do!

So, folks don't sweat the small stuff, focus on your roots and build your family base stronger through these winter months that are fast approaching, for this is how the tree thrives. So too does the family tree.

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