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Vote Yes for your neighbors, whole community


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Hello Fountain. It is that time of year again, and if you attended the Labor Day Parade, a community meeting or community event, you might have been handed a brochure with information regarding the upcoming Public Safety Ballot Measure. You might have taken a glance, stuffed it in a pocket, or if you are like me, you read it, did some research, and talked with your neighbors and friends about all sides of the measure.

I know it has been a while since you have heard from me, but I am writing the community to ask for your support on this ballot measure. Many of us go to bed and watch the news, scroll social media, or hear sirens in our neighborhoods and wonder what is happening to our community. We wonder where the once small town went, and question the safety of our children, our parents, and ourselves.

Guess what, it is not just our community. The entire state of Colorado has seen a significant increase in population and in crime. Every community around the state is battling budgets while trying to meet community needs that are ever changing and more complex and challenging. The City of Fountain is no different. The one difference is WE, the community, have an opportunity to add more funding to our Public Safety departments, which in turn will allow our police and firefighters the funding they need to support our growing community. When you consider population growth, social unrest, and a system that is crumbling and allowing more criminals back onto the streets with little resources to locally rehabilitate, additional funding should not even be a question.

However, I do understand why it still may be a question for you. My heart sympathizes with those who do not trust the police. My heart goes out to those who worry about the added cost on their property taxes, and I hear community concerns on both sides, and have decided I HAVE TO support this measure. I support this measure for my mom who lives in Olde Town Fountain and fears for the safety of herself and my little brother. This measure puts more policemen on the streets and increases the response times which already exceeds the national standards. I support this measure for my son who regularly crosses the street and is hesitant because of the aggressive drivers. This measure will increase dedicated patrol officers that will not only support traffic but provide for an ICAC [Internet Crimes Against Children] detective for increased crimes against children and sex trafficking. I support this measure for the officers themselves and their families because they have an extremely difficult job which wears on the soul. This funding will provide resources for their mental health.

I hope that prior to reading this little editorial that you were 100% in support of 2B. If you were on the fence, I hope you take the time to do a bit more research and reconsider how important this YES VOTE is and join me and many other lifelong residents of Fountain and VOTE YES. YES for our children! YES for our Countryside neighbors! YES for our schools! YES for our current Officers and Firefighters! YES for our community as a whole!

Dawn Harnick, Fountain resident


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