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Vote Yes on 2B!


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I'm old, sometimes crusty. I'm opinionated ... with good reason. Sixty years married, my wife and I have lived in the same house in Country Club Heights nearly 30 years. We've shared the volunteer load with a multitude of others who are quite fond of Fountain. I served in many leadership roles. So what, one might say. That was then, this is now. Well, I'm not finished: Vote yes on 2B. We need more police officers! We need more firemen and firewomen!

As the last chair of the Public Safety Board, I witnessed an unfulfilled need bypassed several times. Builders constructed more and more houses to the east and south, but no fire stations were built to protect them. No additional staff were financed. Ditto regarding police officers. The further south or east, response time increases, which makes a difference with life-threatening situations. Having had several heart problems, I know that seconds can make a difference between life and death.

Once I was the City of Fountain Neighborhood Watch Volunteer. I helped get watches started and provided technical assistance to help them function well. Neighborhood safety dominated concerns... marijuana, prostitution, vandalism, mischief, domestic abuse were problems we attacked in partnership with the police department. Today? Household fires have increased, at least in my subdivision where houses were built in the mid-'70s. Thankfully, we have a nearby fire station, but occasionally trucks from our station have to cover residences to the east. Firemen and women have to help outside their usual jurisdiction. We need more staff!

For 16 years my wife and I coordinated the Country Club Heights Neighborhood Watch; 220 of 660 households participated. Crime decreased, children going to and from school were monitored, suspicious outsiders were noted, and a telephone tree would be activated, which began with a call to the Police Department. Today people – obviously not from here – walk our streets noting the people, cars and houses. Bullying in the parks has become common! For a stupid reason, auto theft is now a misdemeanor and no car or truck is safe.

Fountain has grown and more growth is planned near Mesa Ridge High School and other places. Growth brings problems... problems requiring fire and police intervention. 2B would add 6 police officers and 6 firemen and women. Vote Yes on 2B!

Kenneth Lippincott, Fountain resident


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