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I have read that this newspaper is probably folding, and feel I am losing an amazing friend. We at the rescue are so grateful for this forum for so long! ....A small town just doesn't seem right without a local paper, and that's aside from the fact of losing our venue. I remember when I first moved here, seeing the little newspaper office on Ohio and thinking, "how quaint!" I do love quaint. My father was a journalist and dog lover, and I, too, was a journalist. Fountain is, in so many ways, falling prey to "progress," and though I've been here just a short time, I mourn it. If anyone has an idea how this paper can stay afloat, please contact the office. Brainstorming welcome – this would be a way to volunteer on behalf of the animals, too, just by sharing ideas.

Recently, a friend with rescue dogs was telling me how her dogs (well, two of them) just cannot get along. I guess I've been really lucky with my three (and others too), about whose backgrounds I knew nothing. At AARF and Tumbleweed, we tell you as much as we know, of course...I do have some problems with occasional potty accidents among the three, but that's almost always because I give them treats late in the day. So it's my fault for indulging them. I never get angry, due to that (or even if it happens without the treats), because so much else has worked out so well; I have my priorities. They all get along, no one hurts the kitties, it's a pretty happy family. I totally recommend it!


Is there ANY way. Given the season, some of these pups can experience the highest gratitude – for a home? AARF and Tumbleweed Kennels still have Paris, Juice, Jax, Fergus, Coco, Boomer, and Bella. Boomer is a Plott Hound mix, and it is unknown how he is with other dogs. He's about 50lbs and probably 2-3 years old. Bella is a pit mix who weighs around 55lbs. She's about 2 years old. Coco-Coco is a pit mix around 2 years old. She is dog selective. Fergus is a lab/pit mix around 3 1/2 years old. He's about 50lbs and can climb chain link fencing. Jax is a pit mix and weighs about 60lbs. He's about 4 years old. Juice is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/lab mix. He's very energetic and probably around 1 year old. He does get along with other dogs. He weighs about 50lbs. Paris is a pit mix who's around 3 years old. Paris can be dog selective.

AARF holds adoption fairs at Petsmart on Powers on SUNDAYS (formerly Saturdays) 11-2: 2965 N New Center Pt., Colorado Springs, CO 80922. PLEASE CHECK the website/Facebook for any updates (such as inclement weather. Sometimes the fair is right here in Fountain at Tumbleweed Kennels). More info: Julie at 719-375-1200 or Cathy at 719-761-5320. Email: [email protected] or [email protected]



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