A devastating loss


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This past weekend our part of Colorado made the news again, for yet another mass shooting. I would so love to write about something quirky or some silly thing in regards to my coffee addiction, but I cannot.

I sat Sunday morning dumbfounded in front of my television after seeing what had happened on social media, while I was sipping on my morning bit of peace, only to have it shattered by what I had seen.... It said there was to be a news conference at 8 a.m. with further updates. When Old Man came out of the bedroom, I told him what had happened. We filled our coffee cups and went to the family room to see the news.

There it was ... hate being described. Fallen, victims, dead. It's all the same thing, lives were taken, families devastated and hearts broken beyond repair! Not one, but FIVE. Eighteen (or more) injured, traumatized, shocked and tormented by the horrifying things they had seen, heard, experienced. Untold numbers of people whose lives are forever changed, forever different... More hate was bred.

Social media is spattered with symbols of solidarity for the awful thing that happened at Club Q, but hidden in the sadness are comments made by people that are ignorant and hate filled. Ignorance breeds that hate, "it's unknown, it's different and not understood... therefore we must hate it." I have seen comments that made me cry, and that doesn't happen easily because I have known such loss, I know devastation, I wish it upon no person EVER! Therefore, I do not understand the taking of lives just because... It hurts my heart to be writing about this so very much.

I took my daughter to Club Q to play bingo; oh it was a little racy, but funny. We went with a friend of mine and her daughter, we had such a fun time, we laughed and felt safe and unjudged about anything. We did not see sexual behavior or sex acts of any kind. We were around everyday people playing Bingo and laughing while raising money for charity, and guess what ...they did it every week! I saw a remark about "keeping America straight and keeping your sexuality private." I could not believe what this person was saying – keep it private? Like in a club that was designed to support the LBGTQ Community? Is that what they meant?

I am and always have been a heterosexual female. I have been married a very long time to a heterosexual flannel-wearing male. My friends and family have been bisexual, homosexual, nonsexual, and heterosexual... I know there are many other labels, but I'm old and haven't the ability to keep up. I do not favor one type of friend over another, and if you are my friend, you will be in the company of some kind of sexual person at any given time. Sex isn't the problem here and politics are not the reason people were shot in that club! We, as of yet, do not know the official motivation for the shooter, the killer. (Keep his family in your prayers too, they have been brought to their knees!) No matter the motivation, no matter why he shot, intentionally shot, smiling, happy faces that mothers remember as babies taking their first steps and giggling at puppies playing, its root is HATE. Plain and simple... HATE something different, HATE towards another political party, HATE because you are from another country, HATE because your skin is another color, HATE because you don't understand and HATE because you are ignorant. Ignorance in and of itself is not a bad thing at all, as long as you are open to learning and making an effort to understand... it's how we learn and grow.

This loss is so devastating, so huge, so crippling, so demeaning, so unheroic, so dehumanizing that I wonder if our beautiful Colorado is someplace to really be envied by other states.

Love and light to all who have suffered. I pray that God rests with you in the darkness whilst you wrestle with your heart and stain your pillow with silent tears. His love should be a safe place to reside. My arms are too, if you need a safe warm hug, I will be your Olaf.

Let's grow and learn from this, not breed more hatred.

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