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We still have Paris, Juice, Jax, Fergus, Coco, Boomer, and now, Pepper Ann and Zeus. They've been without their forever homes for way too long. Would you consider fostering during the holidays? Boomer is a Plott Hound mix, and it is unknown how he is with other dogs. He's about 50lbs and probably 2-3 years old. Coco is a pit mix around 2 years old. She is dog selective. Fergus is a lab/pit mix around 3 1/2 years old. He's about 50lbs and can climb chain link fencing. Jax is a pit mix and weighs about 60lbs. He's about 4 years old. Juice is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/lab mix. He's very energetic and probably around 1 year old. He does get along with other dogs. He weighs about 50lbs. Paris is a pit mix who's around 3 years old. Paris can be dog selective. Pepper Ann, who is new, is about 6, a Cattle Dog mix, about 55 pounds.

I may have run this before, but .... 10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog (ASPCA) (a little edited/personalized)

1. You're Saving More Than One Life. When you adopt a rescue pet, you're saving a life-but you're actually saving more than one. By adopting, you're helping make space for another animal in need, giving them the opportunity to become beloved pets.

2. Unconditional Love! Shelter dogs have so much love to give-and they won't ever stop giving it.

By the way, I can honestly say I didn't bond more with puppies than with older dogs.

3. You're Giving a Second Chance to a Deserving Animal. Beyond just helping an animal in need, you're giving a rescue an opportunity to be him or herself, to get a second chance to become a dog beyond the walls of shelter or rescue. You truly give rescues the keys to start anew in a life where second chances can often be hard to come by. I have actually seen dogs I adopt learn to be dogs; for instance, without debating the virtues or vices of dog biscuits – my most recent dog would take it in his mouth, then drop it. He has horrible teeth, which I don't have the money to fix (a dental is now 1600)... and because he didn't do any better with kibble, he had obviously been raised on table scraps. But now he's just as avid as the others over their food and treats...

4. You Get a Chance to Stay Active. Maybe you're trying to live a more active lifestyle. A four-legged friend gives you a reason to get outdoors more and stretch your legs. As I've gotten older, with back problems, I made sure to build (yes, my handyman and I built) a very large dog area. But I still try and get out and walk.

5. You Have Someone New to Shop For. It's always fun to spoil your pets and bringing home a new furry family member gives you a reason to do just that (or so we tell ourselves).You can enjoy all the "retail therapy" you want, while making sure your new rescue dog is living in the lap of luxury. Ok, this category doesn't really resonate with me, though I do enjoy making the pups happy.

6. You're Fighting Back Against Cruel Breeding. Puppies purchased at pet stores almost always come from cruel breeding facilities where dogs are confined to small, filthy spaces and receive little to no veterinary care. By adopting from your local shelter or rescue, you are giving back to your community instead of helping cruel breeders profit.

7. Destress and Unwind with Someone Who Will Never Judge You. Life is full of stresses, but your rescue dog is always there to listen. He/she won't ever judge you (at least not aloud) or let you down. Taking some time to destress with your furry friends can help you unwind and keep you at peace. Of course, there's always the true story of my last pregnancy – high blood pressure – and the doctor advised petting my dog. Which only made the bp soar. Go figure. Everything still turned out fine....thank dog (or no thanks to dog)...

8. Increase Your Social Interactions. Getting out there with your pet can also help you make new human friends too! You can befriend other pet parents in your neighborhood or at your local dog park or even dog-friendly café. I personally do not use dog parks anymore, and I nearly never see anyone walking, with or without a dog, but something could happen. To be honest, I am good with how things are. My dog and I engage in deep philosophical conversations or arguments, and for some reason, I always get the last word.

9. You'll Have a Lifelong BFF. What could be better than having a lifelong friend? In your time with your rescue dog, you'll have a confidante, a pal and ultimately-a beloved family member. You'll never feel lonely, and in return neither will your shelter dog. Well, it's still possible to be lonely, but it does take the edge off. My best friend (the human one) can't have any pets, due to allergies, and lives alone, no family around, and is usually ill. She can't have any pet but a fish, but the fish (may it r.i.p.) wasn't that interactive.

10. Life Will Never Be Boring Again. One thing that's for certain is that life with a rescue dog brings big changes-in the best way. Say goodbye to predictable nights and your boring routine, and say hello to a new lease on life. Your new pet will keep life exciting, fresh and full of love. Well, again, I'm not sure this is completely so, seems a little over the top – and can refer to non-rescues – but the edges of misery are definitely softened or blurred.


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