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Thanksgiving 2022


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It took me longer to recover than I had anticipated from all of the busy-ness of our house over Thanksgiving.

I am very aware, especially recently, how precious time is and to waste it is a crime, or at least I think it should be. To make the best of the time we have can be exhausting indeed! I have had to recover for several days, my body simply not wanting to do anymore. I think it fakes being sick like a kid who doesn't want to go to school. Was it worth it? That would be best asked of those who were here for the holiday I suppose. I tried to help everyone feel the warm and fuzzies and tried to feed them good food and help them to build memories that will last. We had a house full.

My father-in-law asked if I would host the feast so he could have all four of his boys at a table together for Thanksgiving. How could I not, I understand this plea all too well. I miss all three of my kids being around my table and to say it pulled at my heart strings to hear my father in law's wish is absolute truth. He has rounded out over 80 years and to deny him my table would be wrong in my book. I understood his message loud and clear.

So, we readied our RV for guests, finally the lawn ornament had a purpose. We also borrowed a camper as another guest cottage. We put my father-in-law from Missouri in our RV with my oldest brother-in-law and his wife from Oklahoma; they came out together as we had asked my father-in-law "Grandpa" not to drive out alone to see us, it wears him out. We have another brother-in-law from Oklahoma who refused to come even when offered a free ride. The third brother-in-law lives in the Springs and would come for Thanksgiving dinner.

I was facetiming my son and told him what his grandpa wanted to do and tears welled in his eyes as he said, "Man, it would be great to see Grandpa and be with my uncles again." My son's tears break my his sister and I began searching for affordable flights... found some and the plan was executed. That is why we borrowed a camper...

Grandpa and brother-in-law one with his wife got here Monday evening. My son, his wife, and our granddaughter got here on Tuesday evening, it was a surprise for Grandpa, he had not even seen a picture of his great granddaughter yet. He does not have a computer and has an old flip phone cell that cannot do all that fancy stuff. No TV even. Tuesday evening after the settling in and hellos my son took his family to the camper and the heater was not working... it was bitter cold, so the mattress from the bed came in the house onto our family room floor. It was a hiccup to say the least. We had our festivities and I cooked and cooked and cooked. We visited and I played with the baby and cooked some more.

The following Tuesday morning my son and family had to be at the airport in Denver at 3 a.m. for their flight at 5. My daughter is such a great kid she picked them up and was driving them back, it was snowing up there pretty good, she dropped them off and began her trip back home. It took her four hours, the roads were slick and very snowy. Finally, she got home and had class that she did online but she had a meeting with an advisor she could not miss. So, she napped a minute and then headed out to her meeting.

About a half an hour after she left, I got that phone call... the one all parents dread, tears in her voice she said, "Mom, can you come and get me, I crashed my car." I had just sat down for the first time in a week to watch with everyone a Christmas movie. Up like a flash I arose...creatures were a stirring!

I grabbed a blanket, went potty and slipped on a little pair of shoes... it snowed, just in case you missed that part. My heart racing, I ran to the car unaware of what everyone else was doing. I hopped into the blunder wonder car and put her in reverse... looked in my rear view and see Old Man behind me with chains... huh, good thinking, he climbs into the passenger seat, we began to pull out again and the back door opens up... Brother-in-law one climbs into the very tiny back seat of my car, he is not a tiny man at all! Off we go!

There she is at the bend of the road, she slid off through a bank of tumbleweeds, through a barbed wire fence, and into a field where cattle normally roam... me in my little shoes could not climb down the embankment into the ditch filled with tumbleweeds.... so, my job was to stand on the road with a blanket and look dumb. I did it so well too! A nice young man stopped with tow straps and a lovely lady stopped with a thick blanket to lay over the barbed wire so we could pull her car back over it. Another fellow stopped with his work truck equipped with flashing lights to help and warn traffic about the mishap. They got her car out of the field and over the wire, repaired the fence, and my husband drove it home with brother-in-law one. Her ego was hurt, lesson learned, and she was sore for a few days but she is ok and no one else was hurt. A blessing. I finally grabbed her and got a hug.

That night the propane in the RV ran out... called the company to come fill it because the tanks are not removable, they said they would come same day... didn't show, extra blankets for them... next day we called, "oh yeah, we will be there" ... nope. Still haven't shown up and our guests left on Thursday morning.

We are slowly getting back to normal around here and decorating for Christmas, I'm so ready to watch Christmas movies under a blanket and stay awake to watch them... Merry Christmas Y'all!

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