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Make a dreidel decoration and treat container


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Donna Erickson

During Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, children play a traditional game with a dreidel, a four-sided Hanukkah top. You and your kids can create your own dreidel-shaped decoration to give as a party favor, arrange on a holiday table or use as a very special box for a small gift.

Here's the stuff you need:

-- 1 half-pint clean and dry cardboard milk carton or a small, square box

-- Stapler

-- Tempera or acrylic paints

-- Markers and pencil

-- Decorating materials such as colored tissue, foil, paper strips, glitter, fabric scraps

-- Household glue

Here's the fun:

Place the supplies on a newspaper-covered table. If you are making the dreidel to be used as a gift box, put some tissue paper inside the milk carton or box. Then tuck the gift in the tissue paper. If you're using a milk carton, carefully staple shut the spout of the carton and paint it, covering it completely. Let dry.

Turn the carton upside down, and use the marker or paint in squeeze bottles to write a different Hebrew letter on each of the four sides. They begin the Hebrew words that mean "a great miracle happened here."

(Go to to see how to write the letters. You'll also be able to read the words to the song, hear the melody and play the game.)

Decorate the carton or box. If you're using a carton, poke a pencil through the bottom so that the decoration looks like a top. (If there is a gift inside, be sure to poke carefully!)

If you're using a box, poke the pencil all the way through it and out the other end.


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