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When something occurs that is so very, very sad, it becomes almost impossible to think about it and/or to write something, anything about it...

We have all, at one point in time, lost precious loved ones, lost our faithful and loyal pets, been involved in human tragedy of one kind or another... and I certainly cannot, could not, downplay any of these fateful events that each of us have experienced.

... And here we are now after learning about so many other newspapers throughout our country, large and small, closing up- shutting the doors, leading valued, talented employees with no choice but to face the "new reality" of losing their jobs. It is terribly sad... For me, and I am sure for many of you, hearing that our Hometown paper is to close, is like losing a family member. Freedom of the Press: truthful, factual news is and always has been the fabric of our democracy, and our "right to know." To no longer have the newspaper's "print media," is not just sad it is alarming. Only in the printed form of a reliable newspaper is truth and facts respected and accountable... If an error is made, or something mis-represented, one could always trust it would be corrected and explained in the next edition.

Many, many years ago, in 1965 when I got my first "real job" it was at the great City of Fountain. Aside from my fellow workers at the city, the most important person I had the opportunity to meet was not the mayor, not the council members. It was Mr. Carl Wiese, the owner and operator (along with his co-owner, the awesome Kay Larson), of the Fountain Valley News, The Shopper Press and The El Paso County News. Carl was as well, the Honorable Justice of the Peace in our fine city. Carl was a no-nonsense man. Many who knew Carl found out immediately he was "a man who walked his talk." I was, and still am, so fortunate to have had him as a best friend and mentor. I know he is in Heaven now with a tear in his eye and his heart is breaking not just for his newspaper- but for all of our newspapers in the U.S. A. which are struggling for survival.

In ending, there are so many employees who I knew and worked with at the newspaper during so many years, although I know I will not be able to recall each of them, I do want to mention those who easily come to mind and heart.

First and foremost Patricia (Patty) St. Louis, Marianne McBride, Geof Clark, Katty Wiese (owner), Larry Addy, Esq., Gus Larson, Peris Howells (yes my own daughter who as a teenager worked delivering papers), Frances Duran, Mike Klis, Heidi Cadena, Jerry Bahner, Frank Montoya and Judy Clarke.

To those mentioned and to the many others who have worked at our Hometown newspaper in whatever capacity: thank you for being part of an award-winning newspaper. Job well done!

I wish much success and good fortune to "all of you" as the next doors open into your future journeys and endeavors.


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