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Farewell to Oh My Word


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Here we are... The final episode. The finale'. And I have nothing, the words just are not flowing.

How does one say goodbye? It hurts, and so we avoid doing it. In this case no one is driving down the driveway where you can wave goodbye until they are out of sight and they cannot see your tears. This is just done.

Where is the stay of execution, that final hail Mary? Oh, I know I am not alone in wishing it. This is the goodbye that we try to avoid with a smile on our face but the quiver is still in the voice because the lump is so stinking big in the throat. So, I'll take another gulp of my coffee and yank up my panties cause I'm a big girl...

Yeah, my coffee was still pretty hot... so now my tongue is burnt and I have a wedgie.

This column has given me great joy and I have received such sweet and thoughtful gifts from the people who have read it. Oh, and the e-mails have been lovely and always so supportive. I want to tell you how grateful I am that you read this brain vomit of mine. What will I do now with all of these random rambling thoughts of mine? You guys have been my therapy in so many ways. Thank you so much!

To the newspaper itself... I love you guys! I know you are all going to go forth and do fantastic things, I just know it. Who needs a hail Mary when you have your fantastic smiles and amazing charm to carry you onward. The Big Guy watches out for people like you and things will be okay. Of course, I asked him for that, too.

As I write this, I am teary eyed and can't see my computer screen so my typos are going to be horrific and the editor is going to have her hands full. I suppose we could call it a final gift to her, my screw ups to fix.

Over the years you have embraced with me, my adventures with Atticus, the big dumb baby dog. He is beautiful now and such a good boy. Writing about the adventures with him kept him alive because I would have killed him without having been able to share about it, though my carpet will never recover. You have been let into my inner circle and I shared with you my frustrations and my joys, even my doubts and my fears. You, the readers of Oh My Word, have no idea how important you have become in my heart. I will miss you all so intensely!

Old Man will continue to be a curmudgeon and my daughter will go on being a beautiful light in the universe while I will continue to exist in "the beige" that is my world. I will always want to share with you about the next invasion of alien grasshoppers, I will miss doing that.

So, from my house in the flat landed, brown grassed, wind blowing, no trees, jack rabbit dodging, coyote running, antelope grazing, cow pasture, and last but not least, dusty dirt road bumpin' Eastern plains, I say farewell.

This is Auntie Alice of Oh My Word, with much love and appreciation... Signing Off.


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